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All workplaces have a legislative requirement under the Workplace Health and Safety Act to ensure they maintain a safe working environment. Where workplaces use any electrical equipment they must ensure the equipment is safe to use. One of the best ways to ensure compliance with the Act for identifying electrical hazards in the workplace is to have all your electrical appliances tested according to Australian Standard AS3760.
We perform testing and tagging of all electrical appliances in the workplace and construction sites to AS3760. We test all pluggable electrical appliances, extension leads, power boards and RCD's to the standard using a Portable Appliance Tester.
You can drop off all your appliances at our workshop for testing or we can test them all on site. We offer an out of hours testing service at no additional cost so as to prevent impact on your business operations. We provide full reports of tests carried out including full asset details, any repairs carried out and provide a reminder service when re-tests are due. We can test appliances from as little as $2.50 + GST per test.
Is your property lacking connectivity to the outside world? Do you want to prepare your property for the future in communications and access to on-line services? Do you need to transfer data from EID readers or ag-scale systems to a central computer? Do you already have broadband internet in the farm house or office? We can design and install a wireless network on your property that will future proof your property communications in this internet age. So why would you do it....well heres why:
• You will have access to email and the internet from anywhere you desire on your property.
• Install IP telephones anywhere on your property and call cost free to any of the phones on the property.
• You can install video cameras anywhere on the property and access them from almost anywhere in the world.
• You can transfer EID, weight statistics and other data to a central computer or directly to the internet.
• You can video conference with others around the world.
• You can control and monitor irrigators or pumps from almost anywhere in the world.
• You can interconnect equipment to allow machine to machine (M2M) communications.
• You can run all manner of telemetry systems, sensor monitoring systems and alarm systems on your property.
The above is by no means a comprehensive list but serves as indication of what you can do with a property that has wireless network infrastructure installed. With ranges of up to 50km line of site between point to point links we can get just about any part of your property on-line. Even if you don't have an internet connection the advantages of installing a wireless network should be obvious. As technology is improving just about everything now is heading towards on-line connectivity, from irrigators to the humble old fridge. Not only can you improve productivity but you can save a huge amount of money by connecting all your equipment to one large physical
network. How many farm hands does it take to sit in front of a computer and check what everything on the property is doing. Why drive out to a pump shed to start a pump or check if an irrigator is working when you can do that from almost anywhere in the world. Why even check anything anyway. Why not have all your systems fully automated and then let them tell you if something goes wrong. Everyone's heard it....work smarter not harder!

We have over 20 years of experience servicing a vast array of electronic and electro-mechanical equipment. We pride ourselves on such high quality repairs that all our repairs are covered by a limited 12 month warranty. Some of our suppliers think we are insane for providing such a warranty and if our suppliers put a 24 month warranty on their product we would follow suite. Equipped with thorough product knowledge, paying close attention to detail, using superior components, having high quality workmanship and thorough testing puts us in a position of confidence to be able to offer our repair warranty. And to blow you away even more, our labour charge is more than half that of some of those who only offer a pathetic 30 or 60 day warranty on their repairs.
 We generally don't repair any domestic or consumer electronic equipment as this is more of a throw away market with sufficient repair centers to service that area. We specialise in the repair of electronic equipment found on the farm, dairy or rural property. We repair most brands of agri-electronics where spare parts are readily available such as Gallagher, Thunderbird and Daken. Some of the equipment we repair  are electric fence energisers, stock prodder's,  EID readers, sheep drafters, ag-scales, bird scarers. gate openers and small solar power systems.
We do have a minimum service charge for locating faults and providing an estimate for repair. This is to help recover some of the costs we incur in locating faults and this charge does not apply if you go ahead with a repair. The same charge applies for insurance claim reports or  where no fault is found or the fault, particularly if it is something as simple as turning on the equipment...yes this does happen!
Faulty equipment can be dropped off at our workshop, dropped off at most rural supply stores or we can arrange our courier to pick the equipment up. For large or permanently installed equipment we offer an on site repair service.

We design, build and install a vast range of wired and wireless telemetry and automation systems. Our systems utilise locally made controllers wherever possible, may use an off the shelf system or we can develop a custom made integrated controller system. Our systems are complete with lightning and surge protection, battery backed with alarm signalling if required, supplied with an operators manual authored by us and have a limited 12 month warranty.
The wireless systems we design operate in a license free (ISM) band and utilise digital encryption to maintain security and reliability. We use WiFi (802.11x) or LAN infrastructure in some applications allowing multiple device connectivity over a physically large network. Such networks may also provide Internet access to various areas as well as providing remote access from anywhere in the world you have internet access. Further to our wireless systems may also implement 3G modems and cloud connectivity. This allows control and monitoring via a mobile phone, smart phone or the Internet.
The wired systems we install can be connected to existing LAN infrastructure allowing control, monitoring and alarms over IP. These are very cost effective and reliable systems where existing data cabling and network infrastructure is in place. These type of systems integrate well with long range WiFi wireless systems.
Below are just some of the applications our telemetry and automation systems can be used for:
 • Automatic or manual pump control to fill water tanks, dams, etc.
 • Tank and dam level monitoring, pump flow or pressure monitoring with alarm notification.
 • Automatic or manual irrigator control, monitoring and alarm notification.
 • Stock water monitoring and control.
 • Remote pump house, machinery shed, shearing shed, feed storage smoke and intruder alarms.
 • Remote stock gate operation.
 • Remote electric fence alarm monitoring, equipment alarms and property entry alarm notification.

We design, build and install wireless, or wired, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and security systems. Our system designs are focused towards remote areas, rural, agricultural, domestic and isolated assets. We use digital or analogue systems depending on client requirements and budget. All but our most basic CCTV systems, or where a broadband Internet connection does not exist, are accessible from the Internet. Our web enabled systems allow live viewing, playback of recorded footage, without interruption to recording, and also allow pan, tilt and zoom control where designed into your system.
Our wireless systems are capable of ranges of up to 20km line of site and offer full pan, tilt and zoom control. With such transmission ranges, our systems are ideal for remote areas. We power remote sites with solar power and the battery banks can run for 5 days without any solar charging. Where line of site links are not possible and there is good 3G mobile phone reception, we can design a system accessible over the Internet using 3G modems.
We can integrate PIR motion sensing, break glass and reed switch alarms into a CCTV system to provide full security for a location.
The Digital Video Recorders (DVR) or Network Video Recorders (NVR) we use in our systems are all time and date stamped so that recorded footage can be used in criminal proceedings where required. They also have the ability to archive footage to either DVD or an external USB hard drive.
We also design portable battery powered surveillance systems that can be used for monitoring crops or transportable assets. These systems are also web accessible where incorporated into the design.
We have developed a perimeter security system that segments properties into sectors and sectors into zones. The basic operation is a combination of tension gauges, resistance monitoring and electric fence monitoring. These systems alarm if a fence wire has been cut or breaks, or there are dramatic changes to the tension of the fence wire in a predetermined period of time such as tree falling on the fence. We can also use an existing electric fence as a perimeter alarm to some extent, by monitoring sections of an electric fence and sending an alarm if the fence voltage drops below a preset level.
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We are authorised service agents for Gallagher and Thunderbird Animal Management Systems. This includes Electric Fence Energisers, Ag-Scales, EID Readers, Stock Prodders, Sheep Drafters and associated accessories.
Most equipment has a limited 2 year manufacturers warranty and we require a copy of the original purchase invoice to be able to carry out a warranty repair.
You can drop off the equipment at our workshop, place of purchase or we can arrange for our couriers to pick it up. Only return freight costs are covered under some warranties. Before sending any equipment to us for warranty repair please check that the unit is actually faulty, as a minimum service charge applies when no fault is found with an item sent to us for warranty repair. Things to check for are replacing batteries in battery operated equipment, disconnecting fence and earth leads on energisers and measuring the terminal voltage with a fence voltmeter, and ensuring connectors are not wet or dirty on weigh bars. If you're uncertain give us a call and we will help guide you with some basic testing.
Gallagher Sheep Auto Drafter
We are the only service agent in Tasmania factory trained and authorised to carry out repairs on the Sheep Auto Drafter.
Should you require warranty service on a Sheep Auto Drafter please call Gallagher on 1800 425 524
and register the fault with them first. They will contact us with the fault details and we will make arrangements with the provided contact person for an on site repair. 

If your building a new home, office or workshop we will install all that is needed to keep you connected, entertained and secure.....you will have a smart home. Far too many builders don't even discuss this with their clients and build a home to the technology that was about 50+ years ago. Make sure you contact us to pre-wire during construction as it often too late and too expensive to install the cabling once the premises have been completed. We install the cabling in a manner that facilitates pulling in new cabling technology whilst pulling out the old wherever the cabling is not in an accessible location. We install multiple data and coaxial outlets to most rooms of the premises and these all connect back to a central connection point. The central connection point is usually an equipment rack containing patch panels, switching equipment and other networking hardware. This allows you the freedom to move telephone, data, fax, TV and Foxtel points around the premises at will just by connecting patch cables to the appropriate ports. Your broadband router, NAS storage device or media center all connect into the rack allowing easy connectivity for all wired devices. If you have a high reliability on mobile devices we can also install multiple access points to ensure you don't have trouble or stability issues from using a single WiFi connection,
We will also install heavy gauge speaker cable for your surround sound amplifier providing 4 or 6 speaker outlets depending on your requirements, and we don't leave your deck, patio or BBQ area forgotten about either. We will run two speaker cables to the outdoor entertaining area for in-ceiling or wall mounted speakers.
On the security side of the things, we install a security system with appropriate pet aware intrusion detectors, smoke detectors, sirens and a colourful touch screen graphical keypad. The control panel can be connected to a landline and will call you and/or a monitoring company in the event an alarm is triggered.

We also install a networked IP camera CCTV system that allows remote access to live and recorded footage, providing you have a broadband internet connection. Imagine a scenario of being at work and your security alarm has gone off alerting you by calling your mobile. You remotely log into your CCTV system and observe intruders in your home. You capture a still image of the intruders, call the police and email the image of the intruders to them. The image is forwarded to the responding officers who apprehend the intruders nowhere near your home. All whilst you were at a safe place away from the risk of violent attack.